Business Philosophy

At ShutterSmith Photography, we believe that the customer is king.  We know, this is easy to say, and many do, but you deserve to be heard and helped in your photography session.  Every client is different and we will always do our best to make sure that your needs and expectations are met.

We start the process by having an individual consultation with you.  Here we will determine the best way to approach your photo shoot.  We will offer packages, but they are just places to start, we can add or subtract from them as appropriate.

We believe that once you pay for our time to take the photos, that you should be able to use the photos however you like for your business/personal use (No, you can’t sell them or give them to somebody).  We will color adjust, perform basic cropping, and some other minor adjustments.

All of your pictures will be loaded onto our website that lets you download the pictures of sufficient resolution to work for any on-line application and prints up to 8” x 10”.  For prints larger than 8 x 10, we highly recommend that you contact us, so that the full resolution can be obtained from the RAW file and fine tuning.  This fine tuning may incur an additional labor charge, but it will be worthwhile.  Our prices for photo retouching and printing are very reasonable along with an almost unlimited number of products that we offer.