Please read the Business Philosophy page as the philosophy that will govern all of our prices.  However the following descriptions are a starting point to give you an idea as to what it will cost.

Family Portraits

For a family/group of 4 or less and a 1.5 hr session with the family.  I will do several complete family group poses.  I will also do quick individual or sub group photos as time allows.  This basic package will include a $75 printing credit.  $75 can buy a 16″ x 20″ float wrap wall display or a 12″ x 24″ metal print.  Or, you can use the credit for a good start on holiday cards.  $250

Larger groups and events will be on a per event basis.  Events covered in a photo journalist style would generally not require prints.

Senior Portraits

We are offering two packages at this time.  A budget package…. and well a “not so” budget.  Of course, we can do packages in-between these as well.

The budget package is a 1 hr shoot at the location requested by the graduate (within 15 miles of Ames).  It will include 40 die cut wallet prints, 2-5 x 7 prints and 1-8 x 10 print or a $25 credit towards other print packages.  $125

The “not so” budget package is 1.5 hr photo session at a location requested by the graduate (within 25 miles of Ames).  This session can be rescheduled if the weather and or other factors come into place to prevent us from doing what we would like. This session would also include extensive photoshop modifications on up to 2 photos that you choose.  Composites would most likely require an extra charge.  This package would include a $250 printing credit.  This credit could include a good sized wall print plus smaller prints and wallets for friends and family.  $550


All day wedding shoot..  JPG files suitable for social media and up to 5 x 7 prints.  $200 credit for a photo album or prints.  A 1.5 hr single location “engagement” or “save the date” photo session.  2019 or 2020 rate of $1,300. A 3 to 5 minute video of the wedding as a special remembrance for an additional $200.  As always, I will customize your package to what you need.

Head Shots

Single Head shots as low as $75 within 5 miles of my office.  Sessions start at 30 minutes.  Prices will drop if multiple (>2) people are scheduled on site.

Real Estate/Architecture/Design

Why should you hire a professional photographer?  After all, I can take pictures with my phone.  There have been lots of studies that show that homes with professional photographs sell quicker and for more than those that don’t.  This isn’t a scientific study, but I noticed when looking through the local MLS, that the homes that had reduced their prices, had rather mediocre to poor photographs.  Probably the best reason that is overlooked, is that when a home owner wants to list their home, they want the agent that is going to literally sell their home in the best light.  This means with quality photographs, proper staging, and personal care from the agent.  The more homes that you list, the better the reward.

You have property and designs that you wish to sell, quality photographs will help you sell it.  The prices below are a guide to what I will charge.  Due to your individual needs, we may adjust these slightly.

Real Estate

Basic Package – 1 bedroom houses and Condos & Under 1,100 Sq ft, 10-20 Photos – $80

Bronze Package – Houses under 2,500 square feet, 20-30 Photos – $100

Silver Package – Houses between 2500 and 3500 square feet, 25-35 Photos – $130

               Extras for both Bronze and Silver:

TV Screen Replacement/screen – $10
Sky Replacement/picture – $15
Twilight Photography (5 views) – $85

Houses over 3500 square feet – Custom amount depending on what is needed.

Commercial Architecture and Design

Due to high variability, it would be a custom bid depending on the size and what is the intended use of the photo.