An Acquaintance of mine, Carrie Copley, has been writing a book.  This has been one of her big goals in life, and sure enough she finished the book recently.  Check it out at  Her site tells about her business and there is a link to buy the book.

I don’t like to do the simple head shots, but I always believe the picture should tell a story. In this case, I wanted to portray Carrie as a fun loving and pleasant person, but one who is also strong and decisive.

We picked a location at a local hotel with some interesting interior architecture.  While we used it some, it wasn’t as useful as originally planned.

I originally picked this location because of the cool accessories such as the watering can.  I tried a bunch of pictures, but none of them worked very well.  This one mostly works, but it was pretty easy to eliminate as a picture for the book.
I figured that I better do the standard business style head shot.  It is always good to have a basic shot that the client may be expecting, or in this case, a book editor.
I thought that I would try this pose, and I like it a lot.  I had her cross her arms for a more power look.  However, I had her position her feet so that it caused her body to not be straight, but to have more shape.  This lowered her left shoulder as well and slight tilt of the head with her wonderful smile.  In the end we have a feminine look with a touch of power and  friendliness.
More of the same in this picture.  The watch isn’t reflecting as bad which helps.  I believe that this is the picture that Carrie is using to promote the book.
In this photo, I. eliminated the watch reflection finally.
This picture was to utilize the repeating pattern in the background.  It works pretty well.  Carrie is using this picture on some of her social media which is cropped to around her face for small pictures.
This was a similar approach as above.  I wanted to use the background lights to add some interest.  If there had been more lights, it may have worked better.  A nice result, but not perfect.
I added a kicker light to separate Carrie from the background a little more.  If I would have used it more as a hair light, it may have helped more.